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Hi I'm Gunnar and welcome to my blog, like you probably already noticed I'll be posting metal and other stuff I like or find funny. Don't be scared to ask me something, I won't bite ☺


perks of dating me: u will be the hot one

Anonymous said: do you love me c:

well I don’t really know you ? ;o so I’m not sure ;p


If you don’t know every single second of this song like the back of your hand then get out of my life

Anonymous said: oh c: do you have other scars ? c:

well yeah maybe a few very small ones, but wouldn’t know how I got them XD probably from being very clumsy ;p

Anonymous said: What are your aims and dreams in life?

well, just live a happily and ‘healthy’ life, enjoy every day, enjoy the company of loved ones around me XD  because life doesn’t always last that long :D also I hope one day I’ll get a job that I enjoy, and later start a happy family :)

Anonymous said: what's the story of your scar ? c:

hmmm…. well my grandmother attacked me with a knife :|

Ha, no :p when I was still a baby, I was at my grandparents home (I was there a lot when my parents were at work) I was about little enough to walk just under the table (I could already walk so I think I would’ve been 11 months or a year old). My grandmother was busy cleaning the knives of the blender. she accidentally pushed a knive from the table, just as I walked from under the table. the knive fell on my nose, I had a cut in the middle of my nose.(it didn’t had to be sewn, just a band-aid)

so yeah since that day I have a (little) scar on my nose XD

my grandmother still feels bad about it, after all these years :s

Anonymous said: Twas a good one

very glad, that you had a nice day anon ;)

nothingelsematters-just-you said: heyy what's your favourite song from Metallica?:) sorry if i bothered you :D

Favorite song…. damn XD so many good songs :p

well probably, the song(s) that get me excited every time are Battery and Damage Inc. :D

Thanks for asking ;) (ow and asks neeever bother me :p)

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